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Rock In Purgatory - 48 page full colour comic

Image of Rock In Purgatory - 48 page full colour comic

The greatest heavy metal horror comic, featuring the most outrageous deaths for hapless rock stars!

This 48 page full colour print edition will feature all strips published in Popcorn Horror magazine, plus brand new, never before published strips. Presented as a parody music magazine, it will also include lots of other heavy metal, horror and comedy content. Here's what's inside...

Comics! - Loads of them! All published strips will be available in print for the first time. Alongside them will be all other yet to be published strips that I have written and illustrated for this series. These include a number of two and four page strips, as well as more of the one-pagers that fans will be familiar with.

Poster pull out section - No music magazine would be complete without an 8-page poster pull out in the centre. Featuring awesome pinups of your favourite characters from the comic, you will be eager to tear them out and slap them on the wall (or admire them delicately and keep them stapled in while you bag and board the book, if you are a true comics connoisseur).

Under The Influence - Rock In Purgatory has largely been inspired by true events...or least people say they are true. Discover some incredible 'facts' about some of the bands and tour antics that have been instrumental in my creative process in this short series of articles.

Backstage - So many concept images and character designs were used when planning and developing Rock In Purgatory - in fact, this collected edition features twenty five lead characters and even more supporting charatcers. The Backstage section of the book presents merely a handful of the extensive collection of concept art that led me to the final book.

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