Comics by Rik Jackson


Heads! Stone Deaf Forever

Image of Heads! Stone Deaf Forever

Private detective Steve Datsun and his partner Blake Higgins track down Vortex Face, a doom metal band whose performances end in death and destruction. They’ve kidnapped a young musician and their sinister underground tour appears to be linked to the Heads! gang – a group of girls wearing oversized animal heads pulling off heists across London.

As the investigation begins to uncover experimental audio technology which causes mass hypnosis, Datsun’s old police contact DCI Burton joins the search. Clues emerge which link a locked door murder mystery and the theft of a tribal statue to the Heads! gang and Vortex Face, while hinting at the possibility of a bigger threat pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Are all these crimes connected or is Datsun making too many leaps in a desperate attempt to close in on the elusive Heads! gang? In order to find out, Datsun and Higgins go undercover at a Vortex Face gig, running the risk of falling under their deadly influence. Will they find their missing man, stop Vortex Face in their tracks and discover the true identities of the Heads! gang?

Find out in Heads! Stone Deaf Forever!