Comics by Rik Jackson


Heads! Into The Vortex

Image of Heads! Into The Vortex

In the second outing of the Heads! universe, Datsun becomes embroiled in the mysterious and seedy underworld surrounding a metal band who have kidnapped a young man. Shrouded in myth and rumour, Vortex Face are renowned for shows which end in death and mutilation. Has their victim already become a corpse, or is he being brainwashed to join the band and help them carry out their murderous plot?

All the while, Datsun and his partner Higgins are on the tail of the elusive Heads! gang. Three girls in oversized animal heads are pulling off heists across London to steal the most obscure items, including a methane producing waste digester and an indeginous staue on loan from the British Museum. The truth under their masks is alluding Datsun, but that is the least of his worries. A muscle bound, skull faced murderer is on the loose and could well be protecting the Heads! gang to aid their dasterdly cause.

Can Datsun find the missing man, stop Vortex Face before they kill again and escape the clutches of this skeleton-masked thug? Are the Heads! gang behind it all? Find out in Heads! Into The Vortex.