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Heads! double issue pack

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Duve into Heads! now with ssues 1 and 2 for just £5.

While investigating a robbery, private detective Steve Datsun stumbles upon an unusual spate of crimes. Confounding heists, locked door mysteries and mass hypnosis are only a flavour of what's to come. Surely, there are rational explanations, but is it just a coincidence that so many strange crimes are being committed? Are they connected, or are the links all in Datsun's mind? And who are those girls...with those HEADS!

Heads! Into The Vortex
In the second outing of the Heads! universe, Datsun becomes embroiled in the mysterious and seedy underworld surrounding a metal band who have kidnapped a young man. Shrouded in myth and rumour, Vortex Face are renowned for shows which end in death and mutilation. Has their victim already become a corpse, or is he being brainwashed to join the band and help them carry out their murderous plot?